Meals and Entertainment Expenses
September 21, 2017
Tax Brackets for Ontario Residents 2017
September 21, 2017

Self Employed Individuals

(1) Reporting your Income & Expenses – Self-employed individuals report their income and expenses on their personal tax return. The net income (after expenses) will be taxable to you regardless of whether you withdraw cash from the business.

(2) Canada Pension Plan Contributions – Self-employed individuals are subject to mandatory Canada Pension Plan Contributions.  The Canada Pension Plan Contributions are automatically calculated on your tax return. The max contributions are around $5,000. Half of the Canada Pension Plan Contributions are deductible against income and the half are credited as a tax credit at 20.05%.

(3) Tax Installments – Self-employed individuals are required to make quarterly estimated tax payments. You should pay the minimum recommended CRA installments to avoid underpayment penalty and interest charges.


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